In September 2020, 56 year old Maria had a major stroke leaving her left side is totally paralysed so she is unable to walk or use her left arm and requires help with all her care needs.  She has also been diagnosed with terminal endometrial cancer and is now being cared for by her sister, Teresa, and her family at their family home.

Teresa needed to find a very quick solution to provide Maria with the facility of showering downstairs and she says that after a lot of research “I was lucky to find  the perfect solution for our immediate needs in WashPod”.

“I contacted them straight away and although some of the units were too big for our house they came and did a site visit and in less than 4 weeks we had a Micro Wash Pod installed into Maria’s downstairs bedroom.  At only 1.5m long x 1.2m wide, it even avoids blocking the light from the window.”

“It’s been fantastic for Maria. We all take a shower for granted but for someone who’s had a stroke resulting in a life changing disability, it makes a world of difference. Maria’s stroke makes her left side sensitive to the cold so a nice, hot shower is invaluable in warming the muscles and making them feel better about themselves. The WashPod’s a wonderful thing that’s given her a bit of freedom and dignity”.

The Micro WashPod will be the answer for many people needing at-home disabled bathing where space is at a premium. Having spent months trying to find a solution, it took only weeks from Teresa’s first phone call to installation of the WashPod unit, which only took a few hours.

“Our WashPod has really contributed to improving Maria’s quality of life – it couldn’t have worked out better. I cannot recommend the company or the team involved highly enough from my initial phone call through to installation of our Micro WashPod”.