Fantastic. Saves peoples’ dignity. I’ve seen this in person and it’s even better!

Maggie Sargent, Maggie Sargent & Associates Case Management

WashPod is a life-changer for me and my daughter. I would definitely recommend it as a safe way to shower and perfect for disabled people who can’t get upstairs

Jessica, Isabella's Mum, Sheffield

What a lovely idea!

Lynn, Case Manager

I am so pleased with our WashPod as it’s given Luke so much independence and dignity at a difficult time which has been crucial. It’s been of huge benefit to him and allowed him home from hospital without disruptive adaptations.

Annette, Mother

This will get loved ones out of hospital and home to their families quicker. Fabulous!

Sarah, NHS Nurse

We’re all thrilled with the Micro WashPod because it was only three weeks between finding the right rental property for our customer and installation.

The Micro WashPod is a perfect solution as we haven’t have to wait for costly adaptations. Neither will we have to make good at the end of the rental period – so a double saving

Eleanor Hales, Occupational Therapist, Sherwood Therapy Services

As Property Finders specialising in locating accessible homes, identifying rental properties with a suitable bathroom / wet room is difficult.  The WashPod offers a modern and versatile bathroom facility which can be installed inside and outside a property.  The modular design means that it is quickly assembled and the internal layout / equipment can be specified to individual requirements, thus opening up so many more properties to my clients.

Naomi Gould Assoc, RICS, Specialist Property Finders

Brilliant Idea! I have a number of clients who would benefit from this. Instead, they have to wait for huge building projects which don’t even get off the ground. Where can I get more information?

Jane Swindle, Private Care Giver

WashPod’s plug ‘n play format meant that we just needed to find an ordinary rental property, closer to home so that my Mother-in-law’s carers could still come. There’s much less disruption for all of us and neither will there be any alterations to make good for the landlord


Taahira,Daughter-in-law to Anisa who is bed-bound with osteoarthritis

Certainly WashPod has lived up to our expectations and has made a big difference to John’s wellbeing.

I think it’s fantastic and we’ve invited all our friends and family to see it!


Patricia, Wife to John who suffers with Parkinson's

Great for people in rented accommodation.


Beth, Case Manger

Looks lovely!


Audrey, Paediatric OT