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WashPod Case Studies

A middle-aged, bariatric woman, who is severely disabled and wheelchair bound, used the WashPod to make a rental property suitable for her needs. She wanted to trial her ability to live reasonably independently in a home of her own, despite the need for full-time carers. The trial continues to go well and it is hoped that soon she will find a property of her own to adapt and live in permanently.

At this two-storey maisonette, there is a small back yard where a larger than normal WashPod unit has been installed. It serves a nine year old girl and offers a wheelchair accessible wet room and a therapy room for treatments as well. In this instance, the cost of the family relocating to a more suitable home are currently prohibited. The unit continues to be of great benefit to her, her carers and family.

A WashPod unit was installed for an elderly, disabled woman who wanted to stay in her own home with her husband. The WashPod was rented for some months and allowed the couple the time to build a new house that was fully accessible and designed to meet her needs. Husband and wife have been able to move to their new home together and WashPod helped them stay together during this difficult time.

WashPod suited the needs of this very disabled young lady who suffers from Cerebral Palsy and needs good temperature regulation. She has to be trolley washed with two carers and the property is a rental where, understandably, it’s more difficult to make major adaptions to the building structure.

A local contractor assisted with the construction of a temporary lobby so that the user can be easily transferred in comfortable temperature conditions between the house and the WashPod.

A middle aged man who had been injured in a work-related accident and was wheelchair bound, was able to use the WashPod unit as part of his interim care provision between hospital and finding a new, more suitably adapted home. It allowed him to leave hospital quicker and return to his family and home to start his rehabilitation.

It was a small house and a housing estate with extremely difficult access to the garden, so the components of the WashPod were transported through the house and erected directly in place.

A bedroom could be made for him downstairs but without suitable washing facilities, he would not have been allowed home. A shell lobby was constructed, quickly and easy for the number of months that the WashPod was needed.

This was a rental property of a family with a child suffering from Cerebral Palsy. The landlord was reluctant to allow any structural changes to the property but WashPod provided the answer.

The WashPod was installed in the back garden but because there was no access, the WashPod unit was carried through the house and erected directly in place.