Mark spent 12 years in the RAF when he was younger and is now grateful to the RAF Benevolent Fund for its support in funding a WashPod temporary accessible wetroom which has recently been installed in his Kent home following the diagnosis of a brain tumour last summer.

“The WashPod has been a real Godsend to Mark” says his wife, Hazel. “After a couple of falls on the stairs, we moved him to the ground floor to keep him safe but this meant he was strip washing which didn’t do much for his dignity”.

Mark, now 60 years, lives in an old property which wasn’t suitable for the adaptations that he needed but his Occupational Therapist, Annabel Storey, suggested a Compact Internal WashPod that fits perfectly in the conservatory, with ramps to allow him easy access in his wheelchair.

Annabel, who works for The OT Practice which is contacted to the RAF Benevolent Fund, was commissioned to do an assessment.

“The WashPod has been a brilliant interim answer to Mark’s washing needs as the Local Authority has a 6 month backlog to manage before anything more permanent can be considered” says Annabel. “The WashPod’s modular build gives it a flexibility that I didn’t find anywhere else. It can be in the conservatory but still leave room for Mark to get outside to his garden”.

“Mark has very little feeling down his left side and cannot walk” says Hazel “Our WashPod has made such a difference to him as it caters for his particular needs. And it was so quick to install. The pipework was done on the Monday and the pod fitted on the Wednesday” she adds.

RAF Benevolent Fund helps both serving RAF and veteran RAF personnel with support, both financial and advisory. These include grants for home care costs, alongside Local Authority assessments.

“I’m not sure where we would be without the RAF Benevolent Fund – they’ve been brilliant” Hazel enthuses.