When Charlotte found the perfect rental property in her mother’s neighbouring Kent village for her family of 6, her dreams were nearly foiled by the lack of a downstairs wetroom for her 11 year old son, Joshua, who has Cerebral Palsy.

“I was so disheartened as we’d been looking for ages and I’d fallen in love with this place” says Charlotte. “Then I heard about WashPod and I was so relieved, particularly when the landlord gave his full backing so long as everything was made good when we leave”.

WashPod temporary disabled wetrooms don’t require any major adaptations and while they are plugged into the water and waste services, this takes no time to prepare and make good at the end of the period.

The family was forced to move as space was at a premium and Joshua, who uses a wheelchair, needed more room. They are renting for the next couple of years while they plan to build a new home for themselves.

“I’ve been very impressed with how quickly the whole process took as I only got the keys 10 days ago and it’s already installed” says Charlotte.

The property was spacious enough for the Compact WashPod to go in a downstairs room but a double garage with an adjoining lobby made the most sense and it was erected in just half a day, ready for Joshua to use from the moment they move in.

“I can relax now which is a great feeling” adds Charlotte.