When his father fell and fractured his pelvis, Peter realised he had to accelerate his plans to adapt his home and provide his father with somewhere safe to recover. A Compact WashPod internal disabled wetroom seemed to offer the best and fastest solution.

Peter was certain that he would find several solutions on the web but in the end found only one which suited the urgency of the situation.

“Installing a WashPod proved astonishingly fast. The WashPod is comfortable and so well designed that I don’t believe we will now have to adapt the house at all which makes life much easier”. The WashPod was installed in a study room in just one day.

Peter’s father (78) is recovering well – “he’s as strong as an ox” – but now has a suitable home in which to get better and, with a history of falls developing, Peter is reassured that everything is in place for the future.

“This is an A* product and the WashPod team were superb. I have nothing but positive words. They went the extra mile and adapted their programme to suit my needs. Always enthusiastic and delightful from start to finish” concludes Peter.

The Compact WashPod is one of the smallest in the range of rentable, plug ‘n play, temporary disabled wetrooms and is the answer for many people needing at-home disabled bathing where space is at a premium but extra room for carers, hoists and trollies may not be needed.