Do you have disabled or ageing tenants? If you are a Housing Association or landlord, how can you meet your obligations quickly, easily and flexibly?

As a Housing Association or Social Landlord, you may be responsible for a significant property portfolio which means that you are likely to have tenants who are struggling with disability or old age and suddenly require more accessible washing facilities. This can be a real headache and expense as you adapt your properties for them. But buying or renting a modular, temporary wetroom, such as those in the WashPod range, may give you real savings while also easing a big burden in meeting your statutory obligations. Benefits include the avoidance of time-consuming technical scrutiny to meet building regulations or to get the planning permission involved in more structural property changes. Neither is there the upheaval of having to re-house whole families into temporary accommodation.

Often these requirements come with the added challenges of having to meet the exacting criteria for funding grants such as the DFG with the associated paperwork and long waiting times.

The WashPod range can be installed in as little time as half a day and gives you an interim solution that allows you to rent or buy a fully accessible, plug n’ play wetroom, installed internally or externally and available in a range of sizes to suit most homes. This means that you can keep your tenants where they are happy for a couple of years and often avoid a lot of unnecessary expense, both before and after the tenancy.

There is the added bonus that WashPods modularity makes them re-useable many times over, so that you can benefit from buying with one capital outlay while taking advantage of our Turnaround Service to re-use them time and time again.

The WashPod units can be installed internally in an existing spare room or externally as a ‘bolt-on’ in the garden. Other WashPod benefits are numerous:

  • They are the most cost-effective, quality solution on the market
  • They give the quality provision of accessible bathing facilities on a short-term basis (up to a few years) while other solutions are found
  • They can give rapid end-of-life provision for those with MND, a terminal illness, a stroke or very elderly
  • They can get your tenants back from hospital or keep them out of hospital
  • They provide continual cost savings making budgets go further to meet the needs of more people
  • There is no need to re-adapt your properties for able bodied tenants.