If you’re involved in administering a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) then a WashPod temporary modular disabled wetroom could be just what you need. The good news is that this unique range of dignified washing solutions can help you meet many critical requirements outlined in the new DFG Guidance for Local Authorities in England while also helping you to achieve those Best Practice Timescale targets. Our lead times are short but finding a contractor to do a full-scale adaptation can be a long-term undertaking.

In terms of benefits, a key point to note is WashPod’s modularity which allows them to be carried through the property to inaccessible places for erection, both internally and externally.  They are also Plug ‘n Play so they can plumbed in directly at the most convenient point of the property’s own waste and water systems, making any major adaptations redundant. They can be removed as easily as they are installed, which is a particularly attractive feature for landlords and housing associations who may not want their properties modified.

Our special DFG Turnaround Service for Local Authorities and Housing Associations allows you to re-use the WashPod time and time again with only one capital outlay, making full use of their robust qualities and long lifespan. We will take all the headache of the logistics off your hands for a fixed fee each time saving you money at every turn. This includes a deep-clean, storage and refurbishment so that they are as new for each Service User.

Modular and temporary also makes the WashPod good for accommodating the changing needs of children, offering a flexibility that major adaptations cannot.