An internal WashPod mobile, disabled wetroom has provided the answer to Taahira and Hammad’s dilemma. They have been caring for Hammad’s elderly mother, Anisa, for several years who suffers badly from osteoarthritis and is very immobile. She’s been bed-bound upstairs but has had a wetroom, hoist and carers visiting to help.

But Taahira has been increasingly concerned about her mother-in-law’s isolation stuck upstairs. When paramedics advised them, during a bad case of pneumonia, that they would be unable to resuscitate Anisa if she remained upstairs, she and her husband took the decision to apply for planning permission to extend the family home to house her downstairs.

The family is having to move out during the building works but finding a rental property with a wetroom was proving impossible. Since Covid 19 they were not prepared to use a care home for the duration either.

“I was very surprised and excited to find a disabled bathroom that would fit and be built internally” said Taahira. “WashPod’s plug ‘n play format meant that we just needed to find an ordinary rental property, closer to home so that Anisa’s carers could still come and in the same borough so the council would move all her medical equipment and hospital bed. There’s much less disruption for all of us and neither will there be any alterations to make good for the landlord.”

The family can now relocate for the duration of the building works and are happy to be able to stay together.