Jessica, a mother from Sheffield, has called her new WashPod disabled wetroom, ‘a life changer’ for her and her little daughter, Isabella. The Standard Internal WashPod was installed into the family’s garage in just a day recently, but it will allow them to stay in their rental home just as long as they want while they build a new home that’s adapted to Isabella’s growing needs.

Isabella is now 5 years old but severely brain-damaged, blind and has cerebral palsy. She has been non-mobile from birth, relies on a wheelchair and care for all her needs.

“It had come to the point when carrying her up and downstairs was beginning to get dangerous so something had to change” says Jessica. “I heard about WashPod from another family and was able to get funding for it which means that we can keep Isabella on the ground floor which is safer and more manageable”.

“The property is a rental and doesn’t belong to me so having the WashPod is fantastic as it fits in the garage and we don’t need to change the property” continues Jessica. “I would definitely recommend it as a safe way to shower and perfect for disabled people who can’t get upstairs”.

The plan is to keep WashPod for a couple of years so that they can get their house built in a sensible, comfortable timeframe.