Occupational Therapists and Case Managers are always looking to find their clients the perfect solution quickly so a recent client analysis of who uses our WashPod temporary disabled wetrooms may be of interest because it’s a diverse list.

As one might expect, the speed of our installation, its versatility and its modularity (which allows bespoke interiors without the need for any property adaptation) makes the WashPod perfect for end-of-life care. The combination of strokes, dementia and degenerative diseases such as MND, MS and Parkinson’s constitute 32% of our end users, who have used the choice of either rental or sale to accommodate different timescales and needs.

Sadly, another 20% are children with Cerebral Palsy who are often in rental accommodation while their families await the outcome of lengthy clinical negligence battles. Landlords are not particularly accommodating when it comes to adaptations, so the WashPod can serve a fabulous purpose for several years once the child becomes too big to be carried upstairs for bathtime.

The unexpected turns in life that lead to spinal injuries, limb amputations and other severe trauma is another significant portion making up 15% as is acquired cognitive difficulties from brain tumours, haemorrhage or injury which accounts for another 14%. The sudden change of circumstances in these groups is traumatic and a return to normality at home is all that anyone wants. This is where a WashPod unit can rapidly help by providing an interim solution as installations can be as little as a few hours. It will get people home, allow them time to take stock of their ‘new normal’ and assess what changes they wish to make when they are ready to do so – even if it takes months or years.

Any condition that leads to a loss of mobility and disability can benefit from a WashPod be it osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, complex medical histories, or just being old. With 7 models of WashPod, both internal and external, in various sizes, there’s normally one to suit most needs and spaces, including hoists, trollies, wheelchairs and any other specified equipment.