After many years of campaigning, the Government is due to complete its Changing Places consultation which is examining whether to make it mandatory for buildings used by the public, such as supermarkets, to provide disabled-accessible toilet and washing facilities. Fears of disruption and income loss may be mitigated by Dignity Access’ innovative, new WashPod which could provide a simple answer in many cases as it’s a versatile, fully accessible washroom that can be fitted in a couple of days either externally as a bolt-on unit or internally as a ‘sleeve’ within an existing building.

The proposed legislation would affect all new builds and any major refurbishments which would impact supermarkets, shopping centres, cinemas, arts venues and stadiums among others but it would also make a huge difference to the lives of many of the 13.9million disabled adults and children (SCOPE) who find trips out challenging.

“People living with disabilities go to work, visit shops and enjoy days out with friends just like everyone else. But the lack of Changing Places toilets make these seemingly simple tasks a challenge. Too often, we hear stories of people not leaving their homes, having to be changed on dirty toilet floors or even having surgery because there are not enough facilities” said Catherine Woodhead, Chief Executive of Muscular Dystrophy UK.

The WashPod provides the swift answer to many commercial and public enterprises who are keen on offering the best facilities for their more immobile users, preferably without the disruption or loss of revenue that installation works may cause.  In April Tesco announced that it had already installed 35 Changing Places facilities at stores around the UK.

Occupational Therapists and Case Managers love the WashPod concept as it’s such a versatile, cost-effective solution in providing their patients with toilet facilities and dignity. It’s been designed by architects who specialise in creating living spaces for disability and is fully fitted to comply with Part M of the building regulations.

There are other numerous applications and WashPod is particularly relevant for the elderly, disabled, Housing Associations, Local Authorities and even hospitals during building works – all of whom may wish to buy or lease them as they are equally easy to dismantle and remove.

WashPod is being manufactured and marketed by Dignity Access which is a sister company to Cowan Architects, specialists in disability adaptations and inclusive living design.

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