At team WashPod we’ve been innovating. The Micro WashPod modular disabled wetroom has been reconfigured so that, as the smallest WashPod model, it can now simply replace the bath/shower in most current bathrooms and turn it into an instant wetroom. What’s more, once it’s no longer needed, we can simply replace the removed components and you’d never know it had been changed.

What’s more it can be done in a day!

The Micro WashPod is the smallest in the range of plug ‘n play, temporary disabled wetrooms and it is designed for the most limited spaces. It is the answer for many people needing at-home disabled bathing where space is at a premium, a wheelchair is not needed and carer access is not always necessary.

Micro Internal Benefits:

  • designed for the most limited spaces such as an existing bedroom
  • minimum space required (1.5m L x 1.2m W x 2.0m H plus ramp)
  • its bi-fold doors allow carer access from outside if needed
  • fits snugly into the corner of rooms or even in utility rooms if the configuration suits
  • only takes half a day to install
  • A good option for Disabled Facilities Grant via local council