A WashPod has been key in helping to reunite a mum with her family for her first Christmas at home in several years.

Three years ago, Kate needed surgery to repair a hernia but subsequent unforeseen complications left her completely paralysed on her left side and confined to a wheelchair. A rare series of events has left her with a stroke-like condition.

Kate’s family home was totally unsuitable and inaccessible so after she had spent 12 months in hospital she had to be discharged to a rehab facility rather than return to her partner, Mike, and young son.

It has taken a further two years involving clinical negligence litigation to allow a new house to be found that is suitable for adaptations, a through-lift and carers. The WashPod modular disabled wetroom has been chosen to provide an interim washing solution that will allow Kate home for Christmas.

Mike is thrilled. “She’s desperate to get home and get on with her life” he says. “This is described as a Never Event as it should never have happened but it has. Kate has taken it very well and our WashPod provides her with a great space to wash, clean her teeth and feel good”.

The External Compact WashPod was installed in just a day. “The WashPod team even stayed into the night to get it done in a day for us. They did a fantastic job” says Mike.

Once the adaptations to the house are done, the WashPod can be removed as quickly and easily leaving them able to enjoy 2022 as a family unit again.