The New Year didn’t start in quite the way Yorkshire farmer, Zoe, expected but she’s looking forward to a better Spring with the help of a WashPod temporary disabled wetroom.

In the Year’s first week, Zoe met with an accident on her Driffield farm that left her trapped under several, half-tonne hay bales for nearly half an hour. She’d been pulling some bundles of hay off to feed her prize herd of Highland Cattle one evening, when the huge bales became dislodged and knocked her onto the floor of the cattle yard before tumbling on top of her and pinning her down.

Unable to move Zoe was quick-witted enough to use the Siri feature on her Apple Watch to summon help.

The weight of the hay bales had shattered her pelvis on one side, snapped her pubic bone in half and broken her pelvis on the other side, leaving her in hospital for 3 weeks.

“I was desperate to get home from hospital” said Zoe “but we had no suitable washing facilities. Luckily, the WashPod got me out of there”. As she needed to be non-weightbearing, Zoe was also going to be confined to a wheelchair in a 18th Century farmhouse full of steps.

Zoe’s husband, Andrew, found out about WashPod on the internet and knew at once that the Internal Compact model would work in the converted workshop that he was preparing for Zoe’s return as it was the only level-access building on the farm.

Dignity Access pulled out all the stops and the WashPod was installed in record time – just two days from Andrew’s first enquiry.

“The WashPod has been everything to me really. Without it, I would still be in hospital urging my husband to build a wetroom. It would have been a complete mess – on top of everything else!”

“WashPod’s been perfect for me. A great shower and only half a day to install. And because we’ve rented it, the moment I get the go-ahead to ditch the wheelchair, the WashPod will be removed as quickly, said Zoe. “I might even be a bit sad to see it go!”.