What do you do about ventilation?

We use extractor fans if there is likely to be a need but we haven’t experienced difficulties in this area.

What is the life expectancy of a WashPod?
WashPod panels and parts are extremely robust so we’re confident that their life expectancy would be 10 – 15 years if they are treated reasonably. We will deep clean and refurbish the WashPod between applications, so this should not be an issue.
Do you cover the maintenance on a DFG Turnaround eg plumbing issues?
Yes we do. There is a thorough handover with some straightforward do’s and don’ts to ensure the effective running of the WashPod. Our biggest problem comes from the user or carer putting inappropriate items down the toilet which is covered in the handover and with a notice on the wall. As a result, this is rare. If this becomes a repetitive problem, we will class it as user error and start charging call-out fees (at a reasonable rate).
Do you need planning permission?
This would only ever apply to the External WashPod. They have been classed as temporary structures and because of their small size (under 15 square metres), largely excluded from the need to worry about planning permissions. However, we have always recommended having a chat with your planning department to make sure they are happy as the interpretation of the planning issues may vary from one local authority to another.
Can I have a hoist or a wash-dry toilet?
Yes, you can specify what you want internally. You might prefer not to have a toilet at all and keep it as a shower solution. The Standard and Large WashPod both have plenty of room for a hoist and the panels are sufficiently robust to carry a hoist tested to 200kg. A wash-dry toilet is also fine but they must be the make and models that do not have a ‘big behind’. We can advise on which ones will work in our WashPods.
What are your lead times?
We can react very quickly and will pull out all the stops for urgent cases. Typically, however, we can go from enquiry to installation in 1 – 4 weeks depending on the model and whether it’s already in stock.
How do you manage the sewerage and waste water?
We use a Digipump, Macerator and Saniflow teaming that manages the waste-water and sewerage. We run two pipes from the WashPod to the most suitable place in the property to plumb directly into the property’s own domestic systems. These pipes can go quite a long way (100m) which means that the WashPod does not need to be in the same room or even in the same part of the house.