The Clive Deane WashPod temporary disabled wetroom will be available for FREE across the West Country to some with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in a new charitable venture. When Dignity Access installed an Internal Compact WashPod for Clive and Jay Deane to help Clive cope better after his diagnosis of MND, they both appreciated that they were fortunate to be able to buy a unit outright.

The WashPod was installed downstairs in the couple’s dining room in Cornwall and proved to be a huge help in giving Clive continued independence and dignity as his condition declined.

“We both decided that we would like to be able to help others in his situation when the time came” says Clive’s wife, Jay. “Clive loved the West Country and felt that we were so fortunate in many ways. Others are not so lucky, so we agreed to donate the WashPod to those in need in the region after Clive’s death”.

The modular WashPods are extremely versatile and can be re-used time and time again which means that Clive’s legacy will live on. The WashPod team will also provide their services free of charge as a way of supporting a community close to their hearts.

Jenny Trinder, MND Care Co-ordinator for Cornwall, helped Clive with his MND and is liaising with other MND regional representatives to ensure that the WashPod can be re-located where it is most needed.

“Motor Neurone Disease causes muscle weakness, making everyday activities of daily living challenging.  To be able to support and encourage independence and dignity via access to bathroom facilities can have a fundamental impact on quality of life” says Jenny. “This donation has the potential to significantly contribute to both physical and psychological well-being”.

MND can sometimes progress very rapidly which means that getting the assistance needed is urgent which is where the speed of installation of wetroom like WashPod is critical.

Work is now underway to find the first recipient of The Clive Deane WashPod.