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Life can turn on a sixpence or advance at a rapid rate. WashPod may help by providing fully accessible washing facilities just when you need it most. Sudden injury or trauma can affect any one of us while old age will affect us all. Both circumstances will leave us and our families with new challenges to face in the future.

Old Age
For the elderly experiencing either a gradual or sudden decline in mobility, the challenge can be finding a way to stay in the home you know and love for as long as reasonably possible.

Whether a suddenly acquired disability is temporary or permanent, finding somewhere suitable to live can often be the main obstacle. The sooner we can return to our own homes the better and the quicker we are likely to recover and adapt. A key requirement for being allowed to return home from hospital is that here is suitable, accessible bathroom readily available.

Sadly all too often this is not the case and a newly disabled person finds themselves discharged to somewhere totally alien such as a care home or hotel – this deprives them of their independence at a time when they should be starting to rebuild their lives.

This is where WashPod comes in.

Installing a WashPod unit offers a quick and cost-effective way of providing temporary, accessible bathroom facilities without the stress and disruption or permanent loss of space that converting an existing ground floor room, or extending the house, would cause.

WashPod allows a newly disabled person the chance of returning to their home quickly, or an elderly person longer in the home they know and love, giving them both the space and time to find more permanent solutions if they’re needed.



WashPod is a mobile, accessible, temporary wet room designed for the disabled and less-mobile by a team of architects who specialise in designing spaces for disabled living.

It is specifically a solution for those who are waiting for their home to be adapted or using it as a mid-term answer while they relocate to an adapted home following injury or trauma. It’s also an option for the elderly who wish to stay in their own home for as long as possible.

WashPod’s new design allows for internal and external set up. Features include an underfloor heating and LED lighting. The pod itself is highly insulated and, if required on the external option, can be clad in a material of your choice. You can even specify the interior finishes, although this may be subject to additional costs.



WashPod units can now be installed either inside the home or externally.

To see a video of an internal WashPod installation, please Click here. To see a video of an external WashPod installation, please click here .

The external WashPod unit measures approximately 3.6m long x 2.7m wide by 2.6m high. The external envelope is made of a highly insulated material which acts as an external shell to the internal sleeve which is similar to the internal WashPod unit. The dimensions of the internal WashPod are 3.2m long x 2.0m wide by 2.2m high.

The internal WashPod unit is not insulated as it is sited within the home, erected preferably within a downstairs room. Internal WashPod units are fitted with a sliding privacy door in order to maximise room flexibility. The room configuration needs to be considered in conjunction to the accessibility needs of the client. Any additional ramps into the unit are supplied and fitted by our installation team.

The new Mini WashPod has recently been designed as an alternative internal model that will suit more people with smaller spaces. It is still wheelchair accessible and can include hoist options but it is presented in a more compact design with dimensions of 2.4m long x 2.4m wide x 2.2m high.

External units are fitted with an internal hot water tank and a pressurised shower unit. There is electric underfloor heating together with a heated towel rail to ensure that the WashPod unit can be maintained at a minimum temperature of 25°C if required. Internal units can either be connected to the existing hot and cold water supplies or supplied with standalone heating as per the external unit. A commercial grade Saniflow unit ensures that all water from both the shower and WC can be pumped via a 50mm diameter, flexible pipe to a waste pipe up to 40m away.

Service connections to and from the WashPod unit are simple. A fresh cold water supply and 2 x 13amp domestic electrical sockets within the home are all that are required. Externally an outside tap is ideal. Internally, our own installers will make a temporary connection into your domestic water supply.

An internal WashPod unit can usually be installed from start to finish in just a couple of days. External units usually take no more than 2 – 3 days for our trained installers to erect. Everything for the unit comes through either the front or backdoor. For External WashPods, direct access to the rear garden is preferable, but, if necessary, all materials can be accessed again through the house to the rear garden. No crane is required.

In many cases, external WashPod units are connected via a temporary lobby to the main house. This can either be a simple covered walkway or a fully insulated and watertight lobby which can be constructed directly by Dignity Access or by your own contractor.



WashPod units can be rented or bought outright. There is even a buy-back option.

Costs can vary depending on the final specification and specific needs of an individual’s circumstances but rental rates are for as little as £170 – £250 per week including installation.

This compares favourably  to many times this cost for a care home.

Tracking hoists can also be fitted to either the internal or external units at an additional cost.

Should you wish to use your own builder to construct a temporary lobby, we are more than happy to advise your builder of connection requirements.

We normally request minimum rental periods of 6 months.

We may also have a number of very serviceable units in good condition which can be craned into position and will last for several years. We can either rent these at a reduced price or sell them.

Costs to run units are typically less than £1.00 per week.

All costs are subject to VAT.



If you have any questions please see the FAQS page or call Lewis Gopsill on 07708 173397 or the office on 01342 410 242 for a consultation.

Sketch of Mini WashPod