The range of WashPod units can be provided with simple, no-nonsense monthly plans or bought outright. See below for more details.

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Who is WashPod for?

The WashPod range offers seven different sized models, external and internal that offer an interim solution (typically for 1 – 3 years) for anyone who has a disability, either through trauma, injury or old age, and would like to spend longer in their own home.

What’s the first step?

To ensure that WashPod is a feasible answer, the first step is a telephone conversation to discuss your needs and the space you have available. This is usually followed up with an online search and/or a site visit.

Can I see a video of the installation process?

Yes, you can. Here is a time-lapse video of the internal WashPod installation and here’s one of the external WashPod installation. There are also other videos on our home page.

How quickly can I get a WashPod ordered and installed?

If a unit is available and there are no site issues, WashPod can be fitted and ready for use in a matter of 1 – 4 weeks. The installation itself only takes less than a day for the Internal Standard, Compact, Mini and Micro models, and 2 – 4 days for the larger external units, depending on the circumstances. If no unit is available, or if client-specific finishes and fittings are required, it may take slightly longer.

What is the planning procedure like for an external WashPod unit?

The external WashPod unit is a temporary structure so planning permission is not normally required. However, we always check with the local planners in each case to ensure this is the situation. Very occasionally, we may need to apply for temporary planning permission.

What happens if I agree to a 9 month contract but don’t need it after 6 months?

WashPod wetrooms are often rented or bought at a time of uncertainty and difficulty in end-of-life care. Our WashPods are made to order and to a high specification and we work hard to install it quickly to meet individual needs and have it removed again as quickly.

If circumstances change in an unforeseen manner, we will consider each individual case and endeavour to provide satisfactory solutions every time.

What are the specifications of the WashPod models?

The internal measurements of both models of the full size WashPod are 3.5m long x 2.5m wide and 2.2m high with a 1.02m ramp. The external WashPod unit is made of a highly insulated, waterproof outer case which can, if required, be clad in a material of your choice. All that is needed to connect the unit is a cold water supply (external tap) and a 2 x 13amp domestic, electrical sockets. The external unit’s dimensions are approximately 4.25m long x 3.55m wide x 2.6m high.

In most circumstances, the external WashPod will be connected to the house with a small, insulated lobby that is constructed on-site from an existing doorway or even a modified window opening.

The internal WashPod unit is not insulated as it is sited within the home, erected preferably within a downstairs room. Internal WashPod units are fitted with a sliding privacy door in order to maximise room flexibility. The room configuration needs to be considered in conjunction to the accessibility needs of the client.

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Compact Internal >
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What other WashPod models are there?

The Standard WashPod has been designed as an alternative internal model that will suit smaller spaces. It is still wheelchair accessible and can include hoist options but it is presented in a more compact design .

The Compact WashPod is the a very popular boutique solution and the answer for many people needing at-home bathing where space is a premium and fully compliant accessibility may not be needed. It is still wheelchair accessible.

The Mini WashPod is even smaller and perfect the more ambulant when space is at a premium but both toileting and bathing are still required. At 1.75mL x 1.2mW and 2.0mH it can fit in the corner of the room or even in utility rooms and wash-dry toilets can be accommodated as well. 

The Micro WashPod is the smallest model and designed for the more mobile user. The Micro WashPod shower can fit into the corners of bedrooms, utility rooms or even existing bathrooms as a plug and play low level wetroom, offering access on three sides.

The Micro features bi-fold doors and a shower curtain to aid carer access from the outside. It’s only 1.5mL x 1.2mW x 2.0mH (a lower height design) plus foldaway ramp. 

Any additional ramps into the unit are supplied and fitted by our installation team.

How does the WashPod unit connect to services?

Service connections to and from the WashPod unit are simple. A fresh cold water supply and 2 x 13amp domestic electrical sockets within the home are all that are required. Externally an outside tap is ideal. Internally, our own installers will make a temporary connection into your domestic water supply.

A commercial grade Saniflow unit ensures that all water from both the shower and WC can be pumped via a 40mm diameter, flexible pipe to a waste pipe up to 40m away.

How much will WashPod Cost?

Costs may vary depending on the final specification and specific needs of an individual’s circumstance but rental rates are for as little as £200 – £415 per week plus installation.

They can also be bought so please ask directly about the purchase price of different models. We can also offer a DFG (Disabled Facilities Grant) Turnaround Service to Local Authorities to which will offer them a unique and attractive procurement arrangement.

Tracking hoists can also be fitted to most of the models at an additional cost.

These costs compare favourably to the costs of relocating to a nursing home or hospital care and don’t take into account the welfare benefits.

Can I buy a WashPod with a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)?

The Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) can be used to fund a WashPod, particularly the smaller models which fall well within the maximum payout. Applications to the Local Authority would be required and an assessment made that determines a WashPod would be the most beneficial solution in a case-by-case basis. We offer Local Authorities an attractive DFG Turnaround Service which helps them save more money in the long term. 

Can the WashPod accommodate bariatric users?

The larger WashPod models are fully compliant and hoists can be easily fitted and as the walls are extremely robust, they are suitable for accommodating heavier users.