For the last decade, the Changing Places Consortium ( has been campaigning for more toilets and washing facilities in public places that are suitable to meet the needs of people with complex disabilities. After all, no one should be constrained from going out into the community because a lack of suitable facilities leaves them needing to face being changed on a toilet floor.

WashPod has the Cost-Effective, Versatile & Immediate Answer


WashPod is an accessible, modular wet-room solution with a proven track record in the disability market. It has now been specially developed to meet the Changing Places specifications for accessible and fully equipped toilet and washing facilities. The units can be installed internally in an existing space or externally as a ‘bolt-on’ or stand-alone extension.

 WashPod provides the swift, cost effective and versatile answer with the specific advantages of:

  •  offering a two options for erection: firstly, a pre-constructed model that is bought to site, off-loaded and connected in a day, or a sectional option that can be carried through buildings and doors and erected in areas that cranes cannot access or when cranage is too expensive
  • being a self sufficient, plug ‘n play unit so minimum disruption to existing building infrastructure or services. Only needs a cold water tap
  • enjoying the benefits of being modular/sectional including being easily moved should changing business requirements need
  • being tried and tested as we have a proven, track record of installations
  • being the most cost-effective solution on the market
  • meeting building regulations
  • being delivered within 4 weeks from order and erected within a week
  • being erected on an existing car parking area or hardstanding. Alternatively, lightweight foundations can be supplied and installed within the same time frame.
  • being fitted internally or externally in a variety of finishes as required to suit a corporate or existing vernacular.

 WashPod’s Options for a Changing Places Facility

There are several options of layout depending on the accessibility and orientation required to suit the space available.

Option 1 – Door central                                                                  Option 2 – Door to One Side

3D Schematic of Option 1 WashPod for Changing Places                                                                             3D Schematic of Option 2 WashPod for Changing Places

Option 3 – Door on short side

3D Schematic of Option 3 WashPod for Changing Places

Changing Places has also produced a Practical Guide which you can download with all the information you need for providing a suitable facility.