Recently, a Micro WashPod was installed for a second time as part of our DFG Turnaround Service for a UK Coastal District Council. This means that a second service user is now benefiting from the installation of a WashPod but the Council have only had to pay for it once.

The Micro WashPod was installed in one South Coast town having previously been further down the coast in a neighbouring town. In between, we have stored it as part of our unique Turnaround Service. For each installation we will undertake a site survey, install, maintain, remove, refurbish and store until the next time it’s needed at which point a new service contract is set up.

This allows a local authority or housing association to re-use their WashPod time and time again, saving valuable DFG funds at every turn.

The Micro WashPod is our smallest model in a range of 7 external and internal versions. It takes up only 1.5mL x 1.2mW as its footprint and is designed to fit where space is really at a premium. It features a shower and bi-fold doors to allow carer assistance.

This Sussex seaside installation was upstairs in a spare room as the user can use a stairlift to get downstairs. Should their requirements change, the WashPod could be moved, quickly and easily, to an appropriate location downstairs, such is its versatility.